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Über Animation Factory

Animation Factory von Vital Imagery Ltd. ist die größte Sammlung lizenzfreier Clipart-Animationen, die im Internet angeboten wird.

Company Background

Vital Imagery Ltd. (VI) introduced its website to the public in November 2006. Early in 2010, just after moving into its new offices, the company launched its second subsidiary, an educational subscription site. The content is filtered to ensure it is child friendly and age appropriate.

In 2012 VI added to its list of subsidiaries with the purchase of the Acclaim Images LLC sites and in 2013 with the launch of its website. Two years later, the company acquired pioneering websites and These acquisitions have made VI the largest supplier of clipart and 3D animations world-wide, having increased the inventory from 8 million to over 25 million images.

Vital Imagery Ltd. is a proud member of the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA), Centre of the Picture Industry (CEPIC), Better Business Bureau, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses and the local Chamber of Commerce.

The company also proudly supports, donating 10¢ of every subscription purchased from the company to help small-businesses world-wide.

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